I have been teaching for over 5 years. I keep getting amazing feedback from parents about how much their kids love playing the piano and how much improvement kids have ever since they studied with me. I also have examples where students refuse to leave after lesson because they are having so much fun. So, what keeps them so interested and motivated?


There is a problem. Students like to play the piano but they hate to practice. Quite frankly, practicing a phrase over and over again in an effort to fix wrong notes or rhythms is not as satisfying as scoring a basket. This is why they are unwilling to practice.


There is also a solution. Most of the teachers follow the rigid lesson plan, they never think if the student will like the plan. Therefore, the best way to inspire and motivate students to practice is to let them explore the wonderland of music.  I encourage them to listen to more music than practicing. My young students often request songs they heard from a cartoon, or songs that they love to sing but can’t play. They felt 10 times more accomplished and proud after learning their favorite songs than the teacher’s assignment. If they don’t know what to listen to, I would recommend songs for them to listen and pick the one that they like. Interest is the only motivation for kids, it should be valued, utilized and preserved.


In addition, there will be no more time wasting lessons that result in slow progress. My unique teaching approach allows the student to learn new material every week and advance to the next level every three to four month, which normally takes more than six months. When compared to kids around the same age, my students are always one or two level higher due to my efficient lesson program.


With my profound learning experience with renowned pianists and professors like Andrea McAlister, Robert Shannan, and Nancy Weems, I’ll be able to provide professional advice and tips to help student tackle all kinds of problems and achieve their goals.


Each year my students take part in opportunities to perform and sharpen their skills as complete musicians, my students are given numerous performance opportunities throughout the year and are involved in the annual TMTA Theory Test and music festival.